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Letter to School Explaining Child's Absence Through Illness

By: Louise Tobias BA (hons) - Updated: 28 Jul 2020 | comments*Discuss
Letter To School Explaining Child's Absence Through Illness

When a child is ill or sick and therefore has an absence from school, it is imperative that parents contact the school as soon as possible- usually by telephone - to inform the school that their child will not be attending that day. This is important so that schools are able to deal with acts of truancy, and also helps them to ensure that your son or daughter is safe. However, once the child is feeling well enough to return to school, or the reason behind his or her temporary absence has abated, then it is important that parents write a letter explaining the absence. This helps teachers to ensure that registers are kept fully up to date and each child is accounted for.

Non-Illness Related Absence

If you as a parent or care giver have a reason other than illness that you feel a child should be absent from school, it is a good idea if you ask the school permission in advance. If you want your child to miss school for a religious festival, or family occasion, and the absence involves only a day or two off school, permission will usually be granted unless there is an important reason on the school's part that should not occur. Nonetheless, to ensure permission is granted, parents should write to the school in a polite way, phrasing the question as a request. Note that requests for a child to be absent from school for some reasons, such as to facilitate a cheaper family holiday during term-time, do not have to be granted by the school and are up to the discretion of the head teacher.

This letter format laid out below is a sample piece of correspondence from parents to a school to explain a child's absence from school for the period of three days due to illness. It can be used as an example of the phrasing you might want to use if your own child is ill and requires a similar letter to be sent to their school.

The School House
School Lane

Parental Address
Family Home


Dear Mrs Teacher,

From Monday until Wednesday this week (25-27 April), Frank was very ill at home in bed. He was suffering from flu - I think it might have been going around his class as some of his friends also suffered - and hence was not able to attend school on these days.

Frank is very conscientious and feels concerned that he has missed two important days of school, as GCSEs draw close. I would appreciate it if you are able to let him know what he has missed and give him some work to enable him to catch up with missed assignments at home, to prevent him from falling behind.

If you have any concerns, you can contact me, Mother, on 0131 2343 9049 or 0723422342, or email me at mother@parents.com.

With thanks for your time and best wishes


Mr and Mrs Smith, mother and father of Frank Smith (form 3b)

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my 13yr old son was accused of touching a girl in yr 10 inappropriately in public. the school claimed my son's alibis story doesn't match. the girl who was on her own during this alleged incident had alibis and they collaborate the girl's story so my child has been permanently excluded from the school. this alleged incident happened in front of a busy supermarket. I need advice and help. thanks
Joey - 9-Mar-20 @ 11:06 AM
My son was absent last 6 days (18.07.2019 to 23.07.2019) due to high fevers.give me a letter to bring her school
ADRISH GIRI - 23-Jul-19 @ 12:07 PM
Sir plz write me a letter about the primary school teacher ..she has been transfered to another school and her post is lying vacant till today since from two months..so i want to write a letter to educational officer..plz help me
khial akbar - 5-Dec-18 @ 9:26 AM
Please excuse 5day's absence of my son, devidu, as he was fiver
Devidu - 28-Nov-18 @ 3:54 PM
Two months ago my son was in operation tomorrow he is going to schoolso please suggest me a letter for school
Yogita - 25-Nov-18 @ 5:15 PM
My daughter Priscillaabsent on Tuesday ,14 October 2018 to class due not feeling well
Pritha - 25-Nov-18 @ 11:33 AM
She not attend the school from last 5 days due to not so well. Please give letter format
Thiru - 17-Sep-18 @ 2:46 PM
my son One week not joined school due to not well last month so plz give me latter
kabir - 14-Aug-18 @ 5:04 PM
She not attend the school from last 5 days due to not so well. Please give letter format
Saanu - 30-Jul-18 @ 4:24 PM
One week not joined school due to not well
Saanu - 30-Jul-18 @ 4:18 PM
My son was absent yesterday because he was not feeling well. Give me a letter to bring her Scholl.
Neel - 4-Jul-18 @ 4:11 AM
Today my son is suffering fever and stomach so that leave in today's Monday and Tuesday leave not submit in school
Pako - 18-Jun-18 @ 3:33 AM
I want to know how to write a letter of excuse for not attending Saturday classes due to periods problems
Lem - 7-May-18 @ 5:58 PM
My daughter was absent in the schoolin two months because she was in jondism. Give me a letter to bring her Scholl.
Sunitha - 25-Mar-18 @ 6:21 AM
i was absent today because i am ill and i want to go school tommorow and i need a note to show my teacher.
cris - 5-Mar-18 @ 7:28 PM
Write a letter to your missed you too have seen not feeling
Lalit - 27-Feb-18 @ 5:26 PM
plz help me write an acceptance speech as a new elected senior prefect and as well as SRC president
Masalati defancy Guy - 27-Jan-18 @ 9:10 PM
how to writte letter school give child permession to go clinic before school close .child was sick in school as be half of school need to assist that child for send he/she to the clinic
nunuza - 16-Jan-18 @ 4:57 AM
Tapas - Your Question:
I was absent from school on monday and tuesday because I had a really bad stomachache. I need help writing a formal letter to the teacher explaining my absence and I need it quick. Thankyou for your help!

Our Response:
A letter template for this is contained within the article, which is designed to help you write your letter.
EducationLetters - 1-Dec-17 @ 2:05 PM
I was absent from school on monday and tuesday because i had a really bad stomachache. I need help writing a formal letter to the teacher explaining my absence and i need it quick. Thankyou for your help!
Tapas - 1-Dec-17 @ 9:43 AM
I am a university studentandIWill be absent from class for two days what is the best absent Litter I can write
J.T - 19-Sep-17 @ 8:36 AM
My Tution class absent for university examination
Deepak - 15-Jul-17 @ 5:22 PM
Hello , i will like to write a letter to my daughter school and inform them that she will miss the last week from school before summer holiday because she going back home with my mum ! Can you help me please to write this letter! Thank you!
Ana - 22-Jun-17 @ 1:50 PM
My son operation done nd i want to send a letter to inform the teacher that my child unable to do any exersice nd he unable to walk properly.
Mazim - 11-Jun-17 @ 4:30 PM
Hi im trying to write a letter to my son teacher about he not wear school shoes can you please help me to explain his is very wet thanks
fiona - 14-Mar-17 @ 10:36 AM
I am a married woman with 2 kids, travelling 80km everyday to and from my hectic work and attending evening classes after working works. My class attendance is very poor because of the nature of my job and family challenges. I feel i am carrying a heavy burden. I am left with a month to write my exams and believe thatI am not ready to take exams. I therefore want the school to freeze my account and carry forward my exam fees? how do I address the school?
Keinmore - 25-Oct-16 @ 9:08 AM
I was to write a letter to my sons school on good behavior due to a protest they had in school
dee - 1-Oct-16 @ 8:32 AM
I want to write a letter to my son's class teacher requesting her to allow my son to wear sandals for some days as he has got a wound on his right toe thumb
KINGH - 12-Sep-16 @ 9:59 AM
How to write a letter about swollen eyes to teacher??
forever.joan - 13-Jul-16 @ 9:39 AM
I was been absent in school yesterday due to family vacationhow can I write a formal letter explaining my absence? Plss help a lil quick. Thank you!
Eve - 10-Jul-16 @ 2:42 PM
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